President Brahim Ghali emphasizes that current phase requires foreign relations apparatus to be present at forefront of battlefield

الرئيس ابراهيم غالي
Wed, 01/10/2024 - 17:51

Shaheed El Hafed, 10 January 2024 (SPS) - President of the Republic and Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, Mr. Brahim Ghali, affirmed that the current stage of the national cause requires the foreign relations apparatus to be present at the forefront of the battlefield.

President Brahim Ghali, in his speech during the conclusion of the annual conference of foreign relations, stated that, as it has been since the early stages of our liberation revolution, the foreign relations apparatus must be strongly present at the forefront of the struggle. Its members should be at the forefront as a strong and elite force, leading the way.

President Ghali added that they should serve as role models and examples, accompanying the field work of the fighters of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army and responding quickly and continuously to the epic battles and heroism they create, along with the masses of our people in the occupied territories, the camps of dignity and honor, and everywhere else.

This means, first and foremost, President Brahim Ghali said, that all employees of the foreign relations apparatus, in all positions and tasks, should embody the spirit of responsibility, sacrifice, dedication, selflessness, idealism, fieldwork, cooperation, and harmony. They should not rely on resources, but rather on the field actions of conscious and disciplined fighters capable of facing all challenges and overcoming all difficulties.

President Brahim Ghali further emphasized that the sixteenth congress of the Polisario Front stressed the need to escalate the pace of external work within an offensive diplomatic framework, with specific goals and action plans, through an effective tool and the highest level of commitment and continuous recruitment. It also aims to expand the scope of diplomatic action on all fronts, update and diversify its discourse and tools, and confront the enemy's diplomatic policies and plans.