About us

The Sahrawi News Agency (SAS), is a public institution affiliated with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, and is headquartered in the martyr Hafiz Boudjemaa.

The Sahrawi News Agency was established on March 29, 1999, to raise awareness of the facts and developments taking place in the issue of Western Sahara, the former Spanish colony, after it was invaded by the Moroccan military invasion in October 1975.

The Sahrawi News Agency published its first telegrams on the Internet in French in April 1999, thanks to the efforts of some friends of the Sahrawi people in Switzerland and Spain.

With the launch of its service in Spanish in 2001, English in 2003, Arabic in 2005 and Russian in 2012, the Sahrawi News Agency is currently available in five languages: French, Spanish, English, Arabic and Russian.

In 2011, the Sahrawi News Agency worked on designing a modern website, characterized by simplicity and professionalism, providing browsers with the latest national and international news in addition to other services such as photos and video, in keeping with the developments taking place in information technology.

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By fax: 0021349921281