Sahrawi Government warns against vindictive targeting of Western Sahara civilians

Shaheed El-Hafed, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - Sahrawi government has warned against the dangers that would result from the policies of the Moroccan colonizer and its reprisals against unarmed Sahrawi civilians in the occupied territories, inviting the international community to exert pressure on the colonizer to stop vindictively targeting Sahrawi citizens.

Sahrawi Army conducts new attacks against Moroccan bases for 45th consecutive day

Bir Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 28 December 2020 (SPS) - The units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) continued, Saturday and Sunday, their attacks targeting the bases and positions of the Moroccan occupation forces along the wall of shame in the area of El-Guerguerat, the Saharawi Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Moroccan scholar Mohammed Cherkaoui threatened because of position

Washington, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - Moroccan researcher and professor specialized in the matter of conflict settlement in the US University George Mason, Mohammed Cherkaoui said he was the subject of "smear campaign and threats" because of his position on the outgoing US President Donald Trump announcement on Western Sahara.

Food aid caravan to head on 7 January for Sahrawi refugee camps

Algiers, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - A food aid caravan for the Sahrawi refugees will head on 7 January for the refugee camps in Tindouf, announced Saturday representatives of the civil society and the National Union of Algerian Farmers (UNPA) in a solidarity sit-in with the Sahrawi people at the headquarters of the Sahrawi embassy in Algiers.

Morocco hides reality on ground to conclude political, economic agreements in region

Algiers, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - SADR’s ambassador to Algeria Abdelkader Taleb Omar affirmed Saturday that the military strikes against the positions of the Moroccan forces “continue and will not stop, until the Sahrawi people obtain the liberation of their territories,” underlining that Morocco tries to hide these realities on the ground to “mislead those with which it wants to concluded political and economic agreements in the region.”

SPLA continues its attacks against the positions of the Moroccan occupation forces

Bir-Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 26 December 2020 (SPS) - The units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (APLS) have carried out new attacks against positions of the Moroccan occupation army along the wall of shame that divides Western Sahara, indicated a communiqué of the Sahrawi Ministry of defense.

Trump’s proclamation, “international robbery” aimed to destabilize region

Algiers, 26 December 2020 (SPS) - Representative of the Polisario Front in France Mohamed Sidati underlined Thursday that the recent proclamation of the outgoing US president Donald Trump, to recognize the alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in return for the normalization of relations with the Moroccan system and Israel, is extremely serious and has never happened before, lamenting an “international robbery” aimed at destabilizing the region. 

CONASADH condemns the repression of peaceful protesters in occupied Laayoune

Bir Lehlu (Sahrawi Republic), Dec 24, 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi National Commission for Human Rights (CONASADH) condemned the repression suffered by Sahrawi protesters in the occupied city of El Aaiún, capital of Western Sahara.

Relation between EU, Morocco should not be at expense of Sahrawi people

Brussels Dec 24, 2020 (SPS) - Expert of European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Hugh Lovatt, affirmed that the European Union should not build its relationship with Morocco at the expense of Sahrawi people and its commitments in regard to international law, "especially since this is likely to undermine European policy in such situations of occupation and forced annexation."

F. POLISARIO Representative at UN: "There is a consensus on the political solution of the conflict in Western Sahara"

New York, Dec 23, 2020 (SPS) - The Representative of the Frente POLISARIO in the United Nations, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, affirmed today that “there is a consensus among all the members of the Security Council on the legal status of the issue of Western Sahara, which represents a positive position that serves the political resolution of the conflict in Western Sahara ”.


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