Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar: The steadfastness of the Sahrawi people and their clinging to their land and rights will fail all the policies of the occupying state

ممثل الجبهة بالامم المتحدة
Thu, 02/22/2024 - 21:11

New York (United States), February 22, 2024 (SPS) - Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, member of the National Secretariat, Representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations, and Coordinator with MINURSO, stressed, in an interview with RASD TV, that the resumption of the Sahrawi people’s legitimate struggle in November 2020 remains the priority of the current stage, for which the Sixteenth Conference of the Polisario Front defined its horizons by adopting the escalation of the fight against the occupation as a theme and framework for all aspects of Sahrawi national action.

Regarding a question about the content of the letter recently sent by the President of the Republic, the Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in which he expressed the Polisario Front’s strong condemnation of the scorched earth policy pursued by the Moroccan occupation state in the occupied Sahrawi territories, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar confirmed that the goal of the occupying state, since its occupation of the national territory in October 1975, has been and continues to be annihilating the Sahrawi people.

The Sahrawi diplomat added that after the failure of the Moroccan occupation state to eliminate the Sahrawi people through their use of all means of destruction, mass killing, torture, displacement and deportation, here is the occupying state is escalating the policy of scorched earth and ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories, but the steadfastness, said Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, of the Sahrawi people and their strong cling to their land and rights will fail all policies of the Moroccan occupying state.

Regarding a question about the important diplomatic developments such as the participation of the President of the Republic in the thirty-seventh session of the AU Conference, and the visit that led him to Ireland, during which he met with the Irish President, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar responded by saying that all of these events clearly demonstrate and confirm that the Sahrawi Republic is an irreversible national, regional and international reality. It also strengthens the position of the Sahrawi state on the continental and international levels.

In this context, he stressed that the position of the Republic of Ireland on the Sahrawi issue, which was emphasized more than once during the aforementioned visit, is that it considers the issue of Western Sahara a matter of decolonization that has not yet been completed, supports international efforts regarding self-determination for the people of Western Sahara, and supports any option chosen by the Sahrawi people as long as the selection process is carried out through the exercise of true self-determination.

While replying to a question regarding the visit made by the UN envoy to Western Sahara, Mr. Staffan de Mistura, to South Africa at the end of last month, and the Moroccan regime’s protest against the visit, the Sahrawi diplomat stressed that the visit was carried out with full support by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Secretariat, and it also comes within the framework of the mandate entrusted to the Personal Envoy.

He added that the Moroccan occupation state has absolutely no political will to engage seriously and responsibly in the UN-sponsored peace process in Western Sahara, which aims to achieve a just and lasting solution based on the principles of international law. Therefore, it follows, as is its wont, the same language of blackmail and devious and open methods that it used against previous personal envoys, but to no avail.

In conclusion, the Representative of the Polisario Front at the United Nations and the Coordinator with MINURSO reaffirmed the Sahrawi people’s strong adherence to their rights and their complete readiness to sacrifice their lives for their homeland, as well as their firm determination to continue their struggle by all legitimate means in order to achieve their sacred and non-negotiable goals of freedom, independence and the extension of sovereignty over the entire territory of the Sahrawi Republic.