Goethe University of Frankfurt organizes a symposium on "Resistance and Settlement Colonialism" in Western Sahara

Wed, 02/21/2024 - 10:28

berlin , February 21, 2024 (SPS) - The University of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of Frankfurt (Germany) will host a multidisciplinary meeting on Western Sahara from the 25th to the 27th of this month.  The conference  coincides with the celebrations of the Saharawi people for the 48th anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

 According to a statement, made public by the organizers of the event, the meeting will be attended by researchers from German-speaking countries who will focus on the question of Western Sahara, in its various dimensions, through the organization of a series of conferences, debates and workshops on the Saharawi resistance and the situation of settlement colonialism in Western Sahara, known as the last colony in Africa.

The event is targeting experts, students, journalists and activists interested in the Sahrawi issue.  Several students and researchers from all groups are expected to present their work in progress and the results of completed research projects on Western Sahara as well as the situation of the Moroccan military settlement in the last colony in Africa.

The organizers have as their main objectives to improve the dialogue and the exchange of research, to raise the level of scientific approaches to the study of the forms of resistance and the consequences of the colonialism of settlement in Western Sahara, as well as to consolidate public awareness of the political, legal, economic and humanitarian aspects of this long-standing conflict.  

The conference program will also provide a valuable opportunity for the German academic audience to become more familiar and sensitized to the issue of the unfinished decolonization of Western Sahara.

Among the main titles of the lectures to be given during the days of the conference, according to the program released by the German University, are the following: "The Western Sahara conflict: fifty years of struggle and consolidation of legitimacy", "The History of the Saharawi resistance" and "The colonial process: climate justice, territorial claims and settlement policy".  

It goes without saying that the meeting will open with the screening of the documentary "The last colony: the forgotten people of Western Sahara".