UGTSARIO, Algerian counterpart sign eight agreements

UGTSARIO, Algerian counterpart sign eight agreements
Sun, 10/15/2023 - 22:01

Boumerdes (Algeria), 15 October 2023 (SPS) - Eight cooperation and partnership agreements were signed Saturday, at the University “M'hamed Bougara” of Boumerdes, between the General Union of the Algerian Workers (UGTA) through its affiliated trade union federations, and their counterparts affiliated to the Sahrawi Workers Union (UGTSARIO).

These agreements were signed in the wrap-up ceremony of the Algerian-Sahrawi trade union solidarity week organized, during five days at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the university of Boumerdes, under the leadership of UGTA’s representative Ferhat Chaikh, and the Secretary General of the UGTSARIO, Salama El-Bachir.

These agreements pave the way for broader cooperation prospects between the two trade unions and their affiliated sections (federations) in the fields of training and the exchange of expertise, experiences, information, visits and the organization of the union action and its development in various fields.

A framework agreement of partnership and cooperation was signed on the first day of the event between UGTA and the UGTSARIO, in the presence of officials of the two trade unions.

The agreements were signed during the wrap-up ceremony between the Federations of education and of the workers of the vocational training education of the two sides, and the Algerian union of health with the Sahrawi doctors’ union.

The fourth agreement was signed between the Federations of the workers of mines and of engineers, while the 5th was between the Algerian Trade Union of agri-food industries and the Union of the Sahrawi farmers.

The 6th agreement was signed between the Algerian Federation of information and communication and the Sahrawi Union of journalists and professional media.

The 7th and 8th agreements were signed between the UGTA’s Federation of tourism workers and the Sahrawi Union of craftsmen, as well as between UGTA’s working women and its counterpart of the Sahrawi Union of working women.