Permanent Representative of Algeria sets Moroccan delegation straight on Western Sahara decolonization process

Fri, 06/14/2024 - 22:37

New York (United Nations), 14 June 2024 (SPS) - The Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations in New York, Amar Bendjama, twice corrected the Moroccan Ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, about the process of decolonization of Western Sahara by underscoring the historical truths and fundamentals of the Sahrawi conflict.

Reacting to the fallacious and worn-out narrative of the Moroccan delegation, Amar Bendjama exercised two consecutive rights of reply during the session of the Special Committee on Decolonization (C-24) held Tuesday in New York, and devoted to the issue of Western Sahara.

The Moroccan ambassador was clearly unsettled by the intervention of the Algerian delegation and other delegations, but especially by the active participation of several petitioners, activists for the Sahrawi cause, including Moroccan nationals.

Regarding the issue of round tables, he said that “the issue lies less with the table itself than with what is on the agenda.”

“Morocco indeed only wants to discuss its so-called autonomy proposal. Ask them if they are willing, as the legitimate representatives of the Sahrawi people wish, to table self-determination, the referendum, human rights and the illegal exploitation of resources,” he challenged.

Concerning human rights in the Tindouf camps, Ambassador Bendjama noted that “there are several international organizations presently in Tindouf, regularly reporting on the situation in the refugee camps.”

“None of these organizations has flagged any irregularity or violation,” said.