Spanish political parties reaffirm support for just struggle of Sahrawi people for self-determination and independence

Reunión del PP CyL con el representante saharaui en la región
Tue, 03/26/2024 - 11:36

Valladolid (Castilla y León), 26 March  2024 (SPS) - Political forces in Castilla y León demonstrate strong support for the Sahrawi people in their struggle for self-determination and independence. Both the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) and the Popular Party (Partido Popular) in the regional parliament have expressed their resolute support for the Sahrawi cause in meetings held with the Delegate of the Polisario Front in the region, Abdalahe Hamad.

The Secretary-General of the PSOE in Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, has expressed absolute support for the Sahrawi people's cause, urging compliance with international legality and respect for human rights.

The leader of the opposition in Castilla y León has used his account on the social network X to recall Spain's "debt" in a decolonization process that has remained unresolved "for far too many years."

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Group of the Popular Party, the political force governing the autonomous community, has conveyed its full support to the Sahrawi people within the framework of United Nations declarations. They have committed to promoting initiatives in support of the Sahrawi cause, such as the drafting of an institutional declaration backed by all parliamentary groups and a possible visit to the refugee camps.

Following the meeting with the Popular Party Group, Abdalahe Hamad will also meet with the rest of the parliamentary groups in the Castilla y León Parliament.

These gestures demonstrate the commitment of political forces in Castilla y León to the just cause of the Sahrawi people, reflecting a broad consensus in the region in favor of self-determination and independence for Western Sahara.