Valencia organizes awareness-raising activities in preparation for "Holidays in Peace" program in 2024.

elegado saharaui en la región, Mohamed El Mamun
Sun, 02/11/2024 - 23:25

Valencia (Spain), 11 February 2024 (WAS) - The authorities in the Spanish city of Valencia have begun organizing several awareness-raising activities for the benefit of Sahrawi children as part of the preparation for the "Holidays in Peace" program in the summer of 2024. The organizers hope to increase the number of host families involved with the Sahrawi people and their just cause.

During a presentation ceremony held at the municipal headquarters, Mr. Mohammed El Maamoun,  the representative of the Polisario Front in Valencia, expressed his gratitude to the municipal council for their participation in organizing these activities. He emphasized that one of the goals of this program is to "raise awareness among residents about the difficult conditions experienced by the Sahrawi people as a result of the effects of occupation and the situation of refuge."

On her part, Marta Tornado, a municipal council member and advisor, highlighted that the "Holidays in Peace" program, organized by local authorities in collaboration with both the Justice Association and the Polisario Front's representation in Valencia, serves as temporary family hosting. It represents a valuable initiative that enables Sahrawi children to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable summer vacation and facilitates their participation in meaningful experiences with host families. This initiative promotes mutual respect between cultures and contributes to building a more just and peaceful world."