National Council votes on Government's Annual Program for 2024

المجلس الوطني
Sat, 01/20/2024 - 20:41

9 June School, 20 January 2024 (SPS) - Members of the National Council voted on Saturday on the Government's Annual Program for 2024 during a plenary session chaired by the member of the National Secretariat, President of the National Council, Mr. Hama Salama, in the presence of members of the legislative and executive bodies.

The National Council's vote on the Government's Annual Program is in accordance with the provisions of the organic law governing the relationship between the National Council and the Government. It took place after the general discussion of the draft program presented by the government, where a continuous session was dedicated to voting on the government's program in each field separately, and then voting on the complete program with the majority of the attendees, who are members of the National Council.

The specialized committees presented the ministries programs to the deputies after they underwent adaptation and modification based on the meetings held by the National Council committees with government sectors and discussions in the plenary sessions.

It is worth mentioning that the Government's program presented to the National Council underwent discussions in public sessions, during which the council deputies received the government's responses to expressed concerns, questions, and requested clarifications, before the program was modified and adapted to be presented in today's session for voting. It obtained the approval of the majority of the attendees.

The Government's program for 2024 emphasized prioritizing the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army, strengthening the internal front, and enhancing the role of security agencies.