Italian medical mission arrives at refugee camps

Misión medica Italiana
Mon, 04/15/2024 - 19:57

Wilaya of El Aaiún (Refugee Camps) - An Italian medical mission from the MAM association (Medicine and Assistance for the Marginalized) arrived in the Wilaya of El Aaiún on Sunday. The mission is composed of doctors, nurses, and specialists in various medical fields.

The Italian medical mission will work on two projects: ALSUKARE for diabetes and NAYMATAN for the physical and mental health of children. The mission is led by Ilaria Accorinti, Vice President of the MAM Association, and consists of a team of 20 people, including 16 doctors specializing in different fields, two nurses, and two psychologists.

According to the Vice President of the MAM Association, in an interview with the Sahara Press Service (SPS), the medical mission works to provide medical assistance to those who do not have access to it.

In the case of the Sahrawi Refugee Camps, "this year we are working with diabetes patients, with three general practitioners, two ophthalmologists, two nurses, and a nutritionist," said Ilaria Accorinti. The Vice President of the MAM Association further stated that they will also work in schools with primary school teachers to detect possible psychological and psychiatric disorders in the children.

It is worth noting that this is the second year that the MAM Association has provided medical assistance to the refugees in the Sahrawi Camps.