Two Swedish activists travel around world to shed light on Sahrawi issue

Mon, 04/01/2024 - 18:59

Lombardy (Italy), April 01, 2024 (SPS) - Swedish activists Sanaa Chotbe and Benjamin Ladraa continue their journey around the world on bicycles, aiming to shed light on the struggle of the Sahrawi people and their just cause.

The activists decided to undertake this humanitarian project and cover a distance of 30,000 kilometers across 30 countries in the world to raise awareness and understanding of the Sahrawi issue.

The activists and supporters of the Sahrawi people are currently in the Lombardy region of Italy from March 25 to April 3. They will be conducting tours accompanied by the Polisario Front representative in Lombardy, Mr. Omar Hassena Ahrame, Sahrawi solidarity associations, and activists from Milan.

During their stop in the Italian metropolitan city, the activists were received by city council member Diana De Marchi, according to local press. In Milan, they held seminars and gave awareness lectures on the Sahrawi issue at various universities in the city, which were attended by students from different disciplines.