Algerian representative in Geneva criticizes obstinacy of Moroccan occupation and its persistence on depriving Sahrawi people of their right to self-determination.

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 10:46

Geneva (Switzerland), February 29, 2024 (WAS) - The Algerian representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Rachid Beladhane, criticized the obstinacy of the Moroccan occupation by not allowing the Sahrawi people to exercise their legitimate rights, especially the right to self-determination, in a flagrant violation of international law and the United Nations Charter, said the Algerian ambassador.

"The recent visit organized by the Moroccan occupation to the occupied territories, in which ambassadors of some accredited countries in Geneva participated," Mr. Beladhane sdded, "is clear evidence of a lack of respect for the duty of neutrality and the desired ideals of the Council President."

The Algerian ambassador, in his intervention during the general item discussion of the 55th session of the Human Rights Council, drew the attention of member states to the suffering of the Sahrawi people due to the continued military occupation by the Kingdom of Morocco of parts of Western Sahara and its refusal to respect international legitimacy.