Saharawi Observatory of Natural Resources warns EU about its projects with Morocco in the occupied areas of Western Sahara

Bir Lehlu (Saharawi Republic), Feb 10, 2022 (SPS) - The Saharawi Observatory of Natural Resources warned the European Union (EU) about its support for Morocco's renewable energy projects in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, after the announcement by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, about her intentions to invest more than 1.6 billion in aid to Morocco.

In a statement made public today, the Observatory called on EU to "avoid further involvement in the violation of international law in Western Sahara, after the repeated judicial rulings issued by the International Court of Justice and the European Supreme Court, which establish that Morocco and Western Sahara are distinct and legally separate entities”.

Speaking to the Saharawi Press Agency (SPS), the Director of the Saharawi Observatory of Natural Resources, Dr. Ghali Zbeir, said that "if the Frente POLISARIO confirms the participation of the European Commission in the financing of renewable energy projects in occupied areas of Western Sahara, will use all legitimate means available to protect the economic rights of the Saharawi people, including filing lawsuits against the Commission and seeking compensation for their involvement in illicit activities in a territory considered by the United Nations as non-autonomous and pending a decolonization process”.

“We call on the European Union and its Commission to contribute more to promoting efforts to end the conflict in Western Sahara, instead of encouraging the Moroccan occupation to continue with its intransigence, avoiding its responsibilities as an occupying power and financing its activities. in the illegally occupied territories of Western Sahara”, concluded Ghali Zbeir.SPS