Saharawi government commends “qualitative operation” in Guerguerat illegal breach, warns that entire SADR territory “war zone”

Bir Lehlou (liberated territories) 24 Juanuary 24 (SPS) - The Saharawi government has commended the “qualitative operation” carried out on Saturday by the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army against the Moroccan illegal breach in the Saharawi zone of Guerguerat, warning that the entire territory of the Saharawi Republic (SADR) has become in a situation of war.

“As part of their day-to-day combat action, units of the Saharawi Peoples’ Liberation Army launched last night, Saturday 23 January 2021 extensive bombing on the illegal breach in Guerguerat zone, falling within Moroccan sand belt, which has previously constituted a continuous and blatant violation of the ceasefire,” stated the Saharawi government, through its official spokesperson, the Minister of Information Mr. Hamada Selma. 

“Whilst commending such qualitative operation by fighters of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army, the Saharawi Government recalls its communiqué issued on 18 November 2021, in which she noted that the entire territory of the Sahrawi Republic, including its terrestrial, maritime and air spaces, has become a war zone,” said the spokesperson for the Saharawi government, adding that Moroccan recklessness has brought the entire territory of the Saharawi Republic in a phase of insecurity and instability

The Saharawi government also warned all commercial and economic companies as well as the public and private interests against getting involved in any activity in Western Sahara or using its sea and land for investment or as a passage for merchandize, reaffirming that she will not be responsible for any harm that would inflict them.

Considering Guerguerat strikes as a warning that must be taken seriously, the Saharawi government called on all Moroccan citizens to avoid using this illegal breach and other positions of the Moroccan royal forces, because they will remain a legitimate target for the strikes of SPLA fighters.

“Under the circumstances of the war of aggression imposed upon our people, the Sahrawi Republic has remained committed to the principles of international humanitarian law and our people’s legitimate right to self-defence,” indicates the statement, warning against Moroccan occupation’s involving civilians in military sites and using them as human shields to serve Morocco’s colonial expansionist projects in Western Sahara.

SADR government concludes by calling on all Saharawis, wherever they might be, for more mobilization in order to achieve their people’s objectives for freedom and independence as well as the eviction of the evil Moroccan occupation from their entire territories. (SPS)