“Western Sahara,” appellation enshrined in all international resolution

Belgrade, 8 August 2020 (SPS) - Algeria’s ambassador to Serbia Abdelhamid Chebchoub reaffirmed that the appellation of “Western Sahara” is enshrined in all the resolutions of the international organizations, dubbing “deceptive” the term “Moroccan Sahara” used by Rabat.

In a clarification, published by the Serbian newspaper “Politika,” Chebchoub denounced “the misleading statements” of Morocco’s ambassador to Belgrade who “strayed from the diplomatic practices that his position requires,” to participate in an interview to the same paper, published on 24 July, in a propaganda campaign against Algeria, using lies and untruths to mislead the Serbian public opinion.

In his reply to these fallacious statements, notably the issue of Western Sahara, Chebchoub underlined that by using “a deceptive term of Moroccan Sahara” contrary to the enshrined appellation of Western Sahara, stipulated in all the United Nations resolutions, the Moroccan ambassador to Belgrade tries to lead the reader to a wrong track. 

“Western Sahara” is the appellation enshrined in all the resolutions of the international organizations, including the resolution 2468,” underlined the Algerian diplomat.

“The right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination that the ambassador avoids citing is enshrined in the resolution 2468. It constitutes an inalienable right of the peoples under colonial domination and the basis for the search of a solution to this conflict,” he added. (SPS)