World Peace Council president condemns Moroccan repression

Athenes, July 25, 2019-07-25 (SPS) -President of the World Peace Council (WPC), Socorro Gomes, condemned on Tuesday the brutal repression, by Moroccan occupation forces, against peaceful Sahrawi demonstrators resulting in the assassination of the 24-year-old Sabah Othman Ahmadida, leaving dozens wounded. 

“We received with great consternation and revolt the news of the death of the 24-year-old Sabah Othman Hameida (Injourni), who was struck by a Moroccan police car during the brutal repression of a demonstration in the capital of occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun, on July 20," Socorro said.

She further asserted receiving “shocking reports and images of the crackdown with which demonstrations were answered by the Moroccan authorities,” which “include the use of lethal ammunition, beatings and trampling, such as what struck Sabah,” she added. 

She also believes that the Moroccan violation of Sahrawi people’s human rights “begins with the non-implementation of their right to self-determination, so that they can decide freely on their political destiny.”

The President of the World Peace Council also denounced the violation of Saharawis' human rights under Moroccan occupation. 

The World Peace Council, an anti-colonialist organization in solidarity with the peoples in struggle against domination, condemns in the strongest terms the human rights violations that are daily in occupied territory, she concluded.