Moroccan police prevent two Aragonese lawyers from entering El Aaiún

Zaragoza, August 31, 2018 (SPS) -The Moroccan police has prevented on Thursday the entrance in El Aaiún of the lawyers Ana Sebastián and Pablo Jiménez, has informed to EFE a spokesman of the Aragonese Observatory for the Western Sahara, to which the lawyers belong.

they left for El Aaiún to participate in a trial against the Saharawi activist El Fak Khalihenna, something that is usual for this Aragonese entity, dedicated to the defense of human rights in the area.

Once the plane landed in El Aaiún, the Moroccan police prevented the two lawyers from leaving because, as they explained, they had not requested the corresponding permit from the consulate.

The spokeswoman has told EFE that the reason given by the Moroccan police authorities is "unprecedented", since this type of procedure is not usually done to travel to Western Sahara.

The Observatory, after knowing the facts, contacted the Consulate of Spain in Casablanca to try to clarify the situation. SPS