Rabat seeks to damage Sahrawis’ image in the eyes of Washington

Algiers, May 13, 2018 (SPS) – Journalist and opponent of Morocco's monarchy Ali Lmrabet said Sunday that Morocco, through its decision to severe the diplomatic relations with Iran following the alleged support of Teheran to the Polisario Front seeks to damage the image of the Sahrawi activists in the eyes of Washington and attracting the wrath of the US Administration, under President Donald Trump.

Speaking to El Khabar Arabic-speaking paper, Lmarabet said that the Moroccan allegations that Teheran provides support to Polisario Front are "complete nonsense," recalling that "the Polisario Front is neither the friend of the Iranians nor the enemy of the Americans."

Affirming that there was "no evidence that involves Iran and Hezbollah in the conflict of occupied Western Sahara," the journalist gave extremely important insights into this new maneuver of Makhzen.

In this regard, he questioned "why Morocco does not break its relations with Algeria or with Cuba which military academy has trained and still trains the Sahrawi fighters?."

On the contrary, Morocco "has resumed last year the diplomatic ties with Cuba," he pointed out.

Ali Lmrabet also revealed a direct link between the Moroccan decision to sever relations with Tehran and Resolution 2414 adopted on 27 April 2018 by the UN Security Council calling on both parties to the conflict (Morocco and the Polisario Front) to resume negotiations "without preconditions and in good faith" in accordance with international legality, which guarantees the right to self-determination for the Sahrawi people. (SPS)