Morocco decides to break off relations with Iran to gain some parties’ support

Algiers, May 5, 2018 (SPS) - Sahrawi ambassador to Algiers Abdelkader Taleb Omar said Friday that Morocco’s decision to break off its diplomatic relations with Iran under a “fictitious pretext was an evidence of its biased for a given side to gain its support and protection” from any possible decision concerning Western Sahara.

In a reply to a question on the decision of Rabat to break off the diplomatic relations with Teheran under the pretext that Iran supports the Polisario Front- according to the statement of the head of the Moroccan diplomacy Nacer Bourita, the Sahrawi ambassador underlined that “Morocco which has recently said that the empty-chair policy and the breaking off of the diplomatic relations were pointless, takes today an opposite position.”

After calling for its membership of the African Union and reestablishing its diplomatic relations with Cuba while knowing that these parties support the Polisario Front, Morocco adopts today an opposite position by breaking off its diplomatic relations with Iran under a “fictitious pretext,” arguing that Teheran supports the Polisario Front, said the Sahrawi ambassador.

The Sahrawi diplomat, who denied Morocco’s allegations according to which Iran supports the Polisario Front, underlined that there is no military relation between the Polisario Front and its army with Iran and Hezbollah.”

“By deciding to break off its relations with Iran, Morocco tries to form an alliance with some sides to gain their support in the face of a possible decision concerning the Sahrawi issue,” added the ambassador. (SPS)