National Council renews election of deputy speaker and chairpersons of committees

National Council, 6 January 2018 (SPS) - The National Council (Parliament) has renewed its bodies by electing a deputy speaker and chairpersons of the committees.

The renovation of the bodies of the Council resulted in electing Hamouda Hamda Zein as the deputy speaker of the Council, and Brahim-Salem Omar, Khadu Bashir Haj, Bada Sidi-Mohamed, Mahjub Ali Sheikh, Hasanitu Mohammad Shabelal, Sid-Mahdi Abd-Rahman and Brahim-Salem Mohammed Abd-lahi as chairpersons of the committees of the Council.

The session, which was chaired by Khatri Adoh, President of the National Council, and which was dedicated to evaluating the performance of the Council, was marked by emphasizing the importance and role of the National Council in the national public affairs. (SPS)