SADR honor guest in ceremony commemorating the 193rd anniversary of the Battle of Junín in Peru

Junín (Peru), August 09, 2017 (SPS) - The Saharawi Ambassador in Special Mission in Peru, Jadiyetu El Mojtar Sidahmed took part in the commemoration of the 193rd anniversary of the Battle of Junin in Peru - an event before the Battle of Ayacucho where the freedom of America was concretized, according to a press release from the Association for Life and Global Peace, ASVIPAZ.

The Saharawi Ambassador, who arrived in the province of Junín on 6 August accompanied by Commissioner Miguel Huanay Bonilla and Walter Chanca García, representatives of the Association for Life and Global Peace, ASVIPAZ, was received first by the mayor of the emblematic city Miner of La Oroya in Yauli, Carlos Arredondo Mayta who was in charge of welcoming the region.

The ambassador was then received by the provincial mayor of Junín, Percy Chagua Huaranga and other local authorities. on the Paseo de la Bandera carried out through the streets of the city and various solemn acts, the identification of the Andean inhabitants with the Saharawi cause was felt.

"Human nature has shown that its strength and courage as a people and nation are strengthened when goals contain the nobility of defending the values ​​of freedom, progress, cultural identity, democratic coexistence and above all, when peace is achieved "Said Miguel Huanay

For her part, Mayor Chagua thanked the distinguished presence of diplomat Jadiyetu El Mojtar, highlighted the courage of the Saharawi people and expressed their identification with the yearning of this people to which he conveyed her greeting and admiration.

ASVIPAZ, entity headed by Gary Ayala Ochoa, established the previous coordination in the city of Lima and organized the presence of the Ambassador in this ceremony which has meant a milestone of very strong friendship since in Junin there is a great feeling of historical appreciation for freedom. SPS