Pierre Galand denounces an attempt to present Western Sahara as Moroccan territory

Brussels, 24 June 2017 (SPS) - The President of the European Coordination of Committees in support of the Saharawi people, Pierre Galand, protested Friday against the way French television channel France2 presented documentary "Morocco seen from the sky ", denouncing an attempt to make Western Sahara  as a Moroccan territory.

"I would like to express my total disapproval of the way in which your channel France 2 presented the documentary of Pascal Plisson and Ali Baddou, on 22 June 2017, in the evening: 'Morocco seen from the sky,'" he wrote in a letter to the French Television Mediator, Gora Patel.

Pierre Galand considered that even if the images captured by Yann Arthus-Bertrand are "superb", the channel should not "authorize" the diffusion of a so-called "documentary" which is not more than "a propaganda film of the Moroccan government that attempts to present Western Sahara as Moroccan territory, map and interventions of the supporting journalist ".

"In presenting this documentary, which is a partisan, you are helping to seriously harm the interests and rights of the Saharawi people," he warned, reminding the television channel that Western Sahara is a non-autonomous territory, occupied and colonized by Morocco.

Pierre Galand demanded the French television channel to broadcast a correction "on behalf of the right of viewers to correct information" as part of a program as well as on its web site. (SPS)