Danish Parliament interpellates its Government about Morocco’s trail of the Saharawi Gdeim Izik group

Copenhagen (Denmark) 15 March 2017 – The member of Danish Parliament, Mr. Christian Juhl from the Red-Green Alliance Party through the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has raised Tuesday various questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen related to the trial of the 24 Saharawi human rights activists of Gdeim Izik Group in Sale in Morocco.

Mr. Juhl interpellations to the Foreign Affairs Minister read “The retrial of 24 activists from Gdeim Izik, was launched on March 13th, in Sale near Rabat in Morocco.

The real reason for their imprisonment, were their  participation in activities of human rights in occupied Western Sahara, their support for the Saharawi right to self-determination and their struggle against the illegal exploitation of Western Sahara's natural resources by Morocco or a third party.

More than six years have passed since the Moroccan occupation forces carried out a brutal attack on Gdeim Izik Camp, where the Sahrawi peaceful drew attention to their fundamental rights and the demands for freedom.

Until today 24 activists still in prison, they were convicted by a Military Court to 20 and 30 years in prison contrary to international rules.

A) Is the government aware of the current situation of the political prisoners of Gdeim Izik group?

B) Does the Government believe that their detention, their trials and their subsequent imprisonment are in conformity with the principles of international law?

C) What has the Minister done to make Morocco note that it has breached international law?

D) Will the Minister send observers from the Danish Embassy in Rabat to attend the actual trial?

E) Will the Danish government do something to get the Moroccan government to ensure a fair trial for the 24 activists from Gdeim Izik group?

F) Would the Minister inform how human rights can be protected in occupied Western Sahara in general?” (SPS)