Saharawi Government condemns Morocco's threats, blackmail against EU

Chahid Elhafed (Saharawi Refugee Camps), February 21, 2017 (SPS) - Saharawi Government condemned Monday Morocco's "policy of threat and blackmail" against the European Union for its legal positions over the conflict of Western Sahara.

The Saharawi government, in a statement published Sunday, said Morocco uses illegal immigration as a blackmail tool," the government said through the Saharawi Communication's statement.

"Whenever Morocco is under political or economic pressure, it resorts to such methods, especially Spain, to force it to breach its historical responsibilities towards Western Sahara people and their right to freedom and independence,"

"The European Union will not accept that its legal institutions undergo any form of blackmail," the statement noted.

"Those acts are parts of Morocco's policy which jeopardize security and stability in the region, making of drugs, illegal immigration and organized crime a tool for blackmail." SPS