4th Africa-Arab Summit: African countries unified against destabilisation attempts

Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel on Wednesday, in Malabo, said the "cohesion" that marked the fourth Africa-Arab Summit in the face of Morocco's attempts to expel the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) from the Summit meeting "shows that the African continent remains unified against any attempt to undermine the stability of Africa and the Africa Union."

Morocco has conditioned its participation in the said summet by its refusal to sit alongside the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), which a founding member of the Pan-African Organization.

The Moroccan request has been "categorically" rejected by the African countries which insisted on the compliance with the AU Constitutive Act.

The African Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their commitment and support to the Saharawi cause, recalling that SADR is a founding member of the AU.

The African Union, which insisted on the SADR participation in the summit works, has always supported the Sahrawis right to self-determination.

It worth mentioning here that, SADR became member of the African Union Organization in 1982. Morocco withdrew in 1984.SPS