Solidarity caravan arrives in Sahrawi refugee camps

Chahid El Hafed (Sahrawi Camps) 04 May 2016 (SPS) - The solidarity caravan of aid to the Sahrawi people arrived Tuesday, in the Shahid Al Hafed camps for Sahrawi refugees, at the initiative of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA).

These humanitarian aids were handed over by the Secretary General of the national federation of workers of the food-processing industry (FNTA) under the UGTA, Salim Labatcha to the Sahrawi party, represented by Brahim Ghali, in charge of the political organization of the Polisario Front, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Sahrawi Workers Union (UGTS) and of the President of the Sahrawi Red Crescent (CRS) Mohamed Cheikh Habib and Yahia Bouhbini.

Made up of 36 semi-trailer trucks, this caravan, consisting in contributions from national public and private companies, carried more than 72 tons of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and medicines, sleeping equipments, in addition to an equipped ambulance and five (05) utility vehicles, Salim Labatcha told APS.

This caravan shows solidarity towards the Sahrawi people, whose country is “the last colony of Africa.”

For Labatcha, “this humanitarian action which reflects on the UGTA’s positions and beliefs of unwavering support to the Sahrawi issue, is in line with the traditions of Algeria, which continues to support the causes of the oppressed people and the brotherly and neighboring countries.”

The official in charge of the political organization of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali dubbed this show of solidarity “a model of international support to Sahrawi refugees,” while hailing Algeria’s “consistent positions” of support to the oppressed people longing for liberty and independence, positions that are inspired by Algeria’s long history in its fight against colonialism and hegemonic forces.” SPS