Spain is responsible of the suffering of the Saharawi people and required to stand by his side (Aminatou Haidar)

MADRID (Spain) May 26, 2016 (SPS) - human rights activist Aminatou Haidar reaffirmed in an interview published in the Spanish daily "Publico" Wednesday that Spain "required to stand by the Saharawi people side because Spain is responsible of their plights.


Aminatou Haidar said clearly in an interview on the sidelines of her participation in the «Forum of the Oslo Freedom" in Norwegian capital that  "she does not understand the attitude of the Spanish government, which contrasts perfectly with the citizens' attitude," adding  in Spain " we have great popular support  contrary to the official position."


Human rights activist went on saying that "Spain should take their responsibility towards the Saharawi people, stressing about the proposal to expand the mandates of MINURSO to monitor the human rights that "Spain impede any possible progress in the field of protection of human rights in Western Sahara because it is always on the side of France."SPS