SRC President calls on international organizations to help flood victims

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Shaheed El Hafed (Sahrawi Refugee Camps) May 20, 2011 (SPS) - The President of Sahrawi Red Crescent (SRC), Mr. Bouhbini Yahya Bouhbini, called Thursday on the donor countries, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and supporting committees and civil societies, to provide urgent humanitarian aid for the Sahrawi people, following floods that have swept the region recently.

According to sources of SRC in the scene, heavy rains have caused serious damages such as destroying houses which led to the displacement of more than 200 families, the SRC President added.

Mr. Bouhbini confirmed that those affected by the floods are in urgent need of shelter, clothes, medicines and other means of relief, warning that the consequences could be aggravated in case of failure of this aid.

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