Rabat tries to deform Polisario Front's image on international scene (Ambassador

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Rabat (Morocco), May 31, 2011 (SPS)- The SADR Ambassador to Algeria, Ibrahim Ghali, has considered "Morocco's allegations that the Polisario Front is involved in Libyan choas", as subservience to the West  particularly France to gain support, aiming to deform the image of the Saharawi people's struggle infront of the international scene".

"Morocco is trying to raise the ire of the West and to tarnish the image of the Polisario Front, the Saharawi diplomat said in an interview with Algerian newspaper, (Sawt Alahrar), adding that" the Polisario Front struggle is a legitimate  to recover the just rights of the Saharawi people in self-determination, independence and has never linked to terrorism, or smuggling. "

"The policy of Morocco is not new to the Saharawi people or the international public opinion. We know how this propaganda was widespread, " said Brahim Ghali in the Monday edition of  newspaper.

With regard to certain allegations published by Moroccan newspapers, the Saharawi diplomat said "We are waiting for evidence to respond such allegations. " (SPS)

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