EU expresses concern about police brutality against pro-democracy activists in Morocco

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Brussels June 1, 2011 (SPS) -The European Union spokeswomen, Natasha Butler, expressed concern about brutality using by Moroccan security forces against pro-democracy activists demanding political reforms in Morocco.

"We are concerned about the violence used ... We call for restraint in the use of force and respect of fundamental freedoms," Natasha Butler said in statement published by BBC.

 "... We call on Morocco to maintain its track record in allowing citizens to demonstrate peacefully. We are following these demonstrations very closely, and encourage all parties to engage in a peaceful dialogue with a view to finding solutions to the issues raised by the demonstrators," The EU spokeswomen added.

On Sunday there were bloody battles on the streets between a youth movement and police .Club-wielding Moroccan police riding motorcycles drove into crowds of thousands of demonstrators in the country's largest city, Casablanca, to disperse a protest by pro-democracy activists Sunday. .

At least 70 protesters wonded in Casablanca rellay, media reports indicated

A similar protest organized by the pro-reform February 20 movement in Sale on Sunday also was violently disrupted, as was a demonstration in front of parliament a day earlier.

it was the second weekend in a row that police have beaten protesters with long truncheons. Authorities are showing no tolerance for demonstrations by activists.

"We demand more political reforms, jobs and better social conditions," a protest said.  "This demonstration has again sent out our message demanding freedom."  (SPS).

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