Morocco does maneuvers of distraction in the case of the mother Tekber Haddi (Edi Escobar)

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 30/06/2015 - 17:31

Sevilla, 06/30/2015 (SPS) .- Edi Escobar, activist of the Andalusian Platform Support of Takbar Haddi denounced yesterday the maneuvers of Morocco to prevent clarification of the young Saharawi Mohamed Lamine Haidala murder.

In statements published by EMARTV, Escobar said that "the action of the Morocco Government remain diversion maneuvers in place of a firm intention to clarify what happened and establish responsibilities."

Morocco is doing a makeup policy in order to give the impression that they are investigating the death of the young person who fighted for Western Sahara independence”, he added

Tekber Haddi touched on all doors and she resorted to a 36 days hunger strike to request an autopsy on the body of his son corpse. All initiatives clashed with the cruelty of the Moroccan authorities.

The Andalusian Platform Support to Takbar Haddi, Escobar said, was born to help this mother, who is a reflection of many other cases of abuse and repression. SPS