Morocco flirts with french extreme right

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 30/06/2015 - 18:16

Brussels, 06/29/2015 (SPS) .- The Ambassador of Morocco in Brussels proposed to his ministry to continue its discreet contacts with National Front deputies in the European Parliament.

According to a letter sent by Menouar Alem, Moroccan Ambassador to Belgium to his Forein Ministry, published by the hacker Chris Coleman, Moroccan diplomat confirms that "he had contact with Ms. Le Pen in the European Parliament", highlighting that its positions towards his country "are positive and constructive" and that "members of her group voted in favor of the Morocco-EU fisheries protocol" in December 2013.


For this reason, Moroccan ambassador asked to give a positive response to the request of "royal pardon in favor of Robert Richard, a French national, who had been sentenced to life prison in Morocco for his involvement in the terrorist attacks in Casablanca on May 16 2003". “A surprising information since Robert Richard has already asked this favor in 2009 and he was extradited to France in 2012", reported Moroccan magazine Tel Quel on 29 June. "The links between FN and Moroccan power have already been raised: Aymeric Chauprade, member of the extreme right party and close to Marine Le Pen would be the "royal expert for Western Sahara", according to the French news website Rue89", it added. SPS