Morocco does not shows any credible political will to resolve the conflict in Western Sahara (Deputy Foreign Minister of South Africa)

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Geneva (Switzerland), March 02, 2016 (SPS) - Deputy Foreign Minister of South Africa Mr.  Mr Luwellyn Landers stressed that "Morocco does not appear any credible political will to resolve the conflict in Western Sahara in his speech on Monday during a workshop organized by the African Union Standing Mission to the human rights Council in Geneva, under the heading "right to development".

The South African diplomat underlined that "we cannot talk about development to Saharawi people, while Morocco still illegally occupies territory of Western Sahara, stressing that the Moroccan occupation authority does not show the existence of a credible political will to resolve the conflict,recalling that Morocco is an occupying power, according to the General Assembly of the United Nations resolutions, which does not recognize its authority over the territory of Western Sahara."


the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of South Africa condemned the violations of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations resolutions and the settlement plan aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the conflict, despite the multiple obligations over 40 years.

Luwellyn Landers noted that this situation lead to human rights violations of several generations in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and impose more than 160 thousand people to live in exile out of their land, recalling the Moroccan plundering of Sahrawi natural resources  in complicity with foreign companies in flagrant violation of international law. "

It worth mentioning here that, the workshop witnessed the participation of the Permanent Representative of the African Union to the Human Rights Council, Mr. Jean-Marie Ehouzou, the head of the Working Group on the Right to Development, Mr. Kate Gilmore, the Assistant of High Commissioner for Human Rights, in addition to a number of ambassadors and high-ranking representatives of the politicians, from different countries, nations United and representatives of international organizations and associations.SPS