Western Sahara : Determination in Boujdour to snatch independence, prepare for post-colonial management

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Boujdour (Sahrawi refugee camps), March 03, 2016 (SPS)- The local authorities of Boujdour province (Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf) expressed Thursday their determination to continue struggling for their independence, underlining that they are ready to run this new era and ensure the promotion and development of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).


“We are ready to receive the post-colonial era which will be run by national experts,” said the governor of Boujdour Fatma Bella in a meeting with the press held on Thursday, one day before the visit of UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon to the region.


“The authorities are vigilant about providing a quality, complete and adequate training to our young people to run the post-colonial period,” said Bella, underlining the commitment of the Sahrawi people and institutions to struggle and independence.”


While broaching the situation of the refugees in the camps, the local official said that “this period which has lasted tool long, more than 40 years, is but a test to our people’s capacity in addressing collective and individual issues, as well as measuring the level of their maturity so that to build a strong State.”


The locality of Boujdour was endowed with several institutions in various fields, health, culture, education and communication while other projects are under execution.


The Sahrawi official said that these achievements are part of a long-term governmental project, underlining that most of these structures’ officials are “national experts.”SPS