Sahrawi people ready to receive Ban ki-moon, hope to revive negotiations for settlement of conflict

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Boudjedour(Sahrawi refugee camps), March 03, 2016 (SPS) - The Sahrawi people are ready to host the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban ki-moon, expected to visit the Sahrawi refugees camps in Tindouf next Saturday, and hope this visit will visit speed up decolonization of Western Sahara.

Many Sahrawis hope that Ban’s visit to the camps will send a strong message to the Moroccan occupier who undermines the process for the resolution of the conflict, adding that the UN must act to push Morocco to assume responsibilities.

After Spain, the Secretary General of the united Nations visited Burkina Faso to “congratulate the country’s authorities after the success of the political transition,” according to media.

The UN Secretary General will also visit the Sahrawi refugees camps in Tindouf and will hold talks with the Secretary General of the United Nations Mohamed Abdelaziz.  

                      UN must assume responsabilities

« We are a pacific people; we have supported the UN by accepting the ceasefire. We acted in conformity with the international legality. We have tried to use all possible means to exert our legitimate right to self-determination », stressed Mohamed Salem Bedda, Spanish teacher at Mahfoudh-Ali-Biba primary school, regretting the fact that “the UN failed in its mission.”   

He also said he was indignant at the Moroccan occupier’s acts, which continue its colonialist policy while violating all UN resolutions.

“As far as I think, what has been taken by force can be recovered only by force,” Bedda said in a statement to APS.

“If there is no change, we will take our weapons against Morocco,” he added.

                      Armed struggle still on agenda

Many other Sahrawi people told APS that the military choice is always on agenda, expressing the wish that Ban Ki-moon revives in clear and genuine manner negotiations for the settlement of the conflict opposing Morocco to the Polisario Front.

“The international community must act to support this just and legitimate cause, and denounce Moroccan violations and aggressions”, said Bedda, adding that “solidarity recently expressed towards our cause encourages following the path.”  

However, he did not ruled ou the military option, stating that the “king of Morocco does not know the Sahrawi people as they did not engage in an armed conflict with us, unlike his father Hassan II who knew this era well,” he stressed.

For her part, Saadani Ambrick Al-Kharachi stated that “Ban must tell the truth to the Sahrawi people and find a solution to this conflict that has already gone on for too long.”

Besides, Makhouta Mohammed Cheikh highlighted the role of the Sahrawi woman in the struggle of her fellow citizens for self-determination, adding that “the Sahrawi woman fulfils her duties, even those relating to security and surveillance in the refugee camps.” SPS