Ban Ki-moon's visit to refugee camps, particular attention to Saharawi cause

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Boudjedour (refugee camps), 5 March 2016 (SPS) -The visit of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday to the Saharawi refugee camps will reaffirm the special attention granted by Ban to the Saharawi question and shows his commitment to a political solution guaranteeing the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.


Personal Envoy of Ban for Western Sahara Christopher Ross stressed after a tour to the region that "the UN Secretary General reiterated his understanding of the process in his statement of 4 November (2015) calling for true negotiations to be launched in the coming months, leading to self-determination of the Saharawi people."


Speaking before members of the Security Council in last December, Ross said that the UN Secretary General pays particular attention to the Saharawi issue that requires an "urgent solution."


According to him, the persistence of the Western Sahara conflict could be "a time bomb" that no player will be able to mitigate its effects alone.


Maturity, responsibility to manage post-colonial era


The Sahrawi people are now able and determined to manage the post-colonial era, an era that will be conducted by local expertise over the Saharawi territory, Sahrawi local executives and officials repeatedly affirmed.


"SADR has become a mature State. It proved, in international bodies, that it has the value of surviving and existing" Saharawi former ambassador to Algiers Brahim Ghali stressed on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of SADR, adding that "the achievements of the Saharawi people are irreversible and their victory is imminent."


"We are ready to engage in the post-colonial era that will be managed by local expertise," Governor of the province of Boudjedour Fatma Bella affirmed, adding that "the struggle and commitment of the Sahrawi people to independence remain intact." (SPS)