Spain: King of Morocco accused of illegally exploiting Sahrawi agricultural lands

Madrid, 7 June 2021 (SPS) - The Spanish coordinator of farmers and livestock breeders (COAG) and the human rights NGO Mundubat have denounced the building of a large center for tomato production in the occupied territories of Western Sahara at the expense of Sahrawi farmers, reports the Spanish newspaper El Economista.

The two organizations accused, according to an investigation report published last Thursday, the King of Morocco of illegally building a tomato production center in Dakhla according to an investigation report they revealed last Thursday.

Both the King of Morocco and Minister of Agriculture were accused of illegal practices.

The report explains how five large groups, some of which are owned by Mohamed VI and the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture, are exploiting fertile land in the occupied Sahrawi territories to create one of the largest centers for tomato production. (SPS)