About us

SPS (Sahara Press Service) is a public service of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic whose headquarters are located in Shaheed El Hafed. It was established March 29, 1999 to publicize the facts and developments on the question of Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony which in October 1975, was militarily invaded and occupied by the Kingdom of Morocco.

SPS dispatches in French were posted on the internet in April, 1999 thanks to the combined efforts of Friends of Sahrawi people in Switzerland and Spain.

With the opening of its service in Spanish in 2001, English in 2003 and Arabic in 2005, SPS is now available online in four languages: French, Spanish, English and Arabic.

SPS has just launched a new website with a modern look offering to the internet users the main national and international current events treated with all fundamental multimedia including photography and video. This new site is trying to meet the needs of SPS clients and the growing need to adapt to rapid changes in information technology.


Tele-fax: 0021349921281

E-mail: [email protected]