Western Sahara: Resistance in exile

25 April 2017

Deep in the Sahara desert some 165,000 Saharawi refugees cling to the hope that they will one day return to their confiscated homeland. But despite a lifetime in exile, and denial of their basic human rights, resistance is growing.

'The oppression is brutal’: Morocco breaks up Western Sahara protest ahead of UN talks

Mohamed Samid Ould Brahim 24 April 2017

The confrontation highlights the Moroccan routine response towards self-determination and human rights activists in the occupied territory of Western Sahara.

The last colony in Africa: Western Sahara (Interview with Malainin Lakhal)

African Democratic Institute (ADI) 03/03/2017

Malainin Lakhal is a 45 years old Saharawi translator, human rights defender and freelance journalist. He is a member of Saharawi Natural Resource Watch. Interview

ADI: Tell us what life was like growing up in Western Sahara?

Western Sahara should be able to negotiate a fisheries partnership agreement with the EU

By Linnéa Engström

17 mars 2017

Morocco has no official claim to the waters off Western Sahara, so why, Linnéa Engström asks, should the EU pay Rabat for the right to fish there?

Linnéa Engström is a Swedish Green MEP and first vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries.

Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi: The Sahrawi Political Prisoners - Gdeim Izik Facing Death 26th December 2016

Sahrawi Times, Issue 3 - 23 Dec. 2016

As the year 2016 ends, it is rather very unfortunate that the global mechanism which is supposed to maintain international world order is still facing a lot of dysfunctionality. The very ones who are supposed to be protected by the international communities are hitherto the victims of a conspiracy of international negligence and silence.

Sahrawi government condemns King of Morocco speech, emphasizes Sahrawi people will continue liberation struggle

Shaheed El Hafed, November 7, 2016 (SPS) – Sahrawi government has strongly condemned the contents of the colonial speech of the King of Morocco, and emphasized that the Saharawi people will continue their struggle to achieve  the legitimate rights of liberation and independence.

Morocco: A prodigal son gives conditions

By Owei Lakemfa / Oct 14, 2016

Pawo-Saro demands peace and stability in Western Sahara

Windhoek, 31 JUL (SPS) – Human rights violation committed against the Saharawi people, illegal and shameful exploitation of natural resources by members of the European Union (EU) and Morocco's unlawful occupancy over Western Sahara must come to an immediate end.

Sahrawis, EU in standoff over Moroccan trade agreement

Charlotte Bruneau/ July 21, 2016

A True Loss In The Muslim World: The Death Of President Mohamed Abdelaziz


President, Defense Forum Foundation

7:15 PM 06/13/2016



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