The University of Brasilia organizes an open day to raise awareness about Sahrawi women's resistance

Brasilia, September 6, 2023 (SPS) - The University of Brasilia will host an open day on September 25 to raise awareness about the resistance of Sahrawi women and their effective role in building Sahrawi society and combating colonialism.

This event will be held under the supervision of the representative of the Polisario Front in Brazil, Mr. Ahmed Moulay Ali, and the Brazilian Association of Solidarity with the Sahrawi People.

The initiative, which will bear the theme “Women of Western Sahara: Culture and Resistance of the Sahrawi Republic Against Colonialism,” will be characterized by the presentation of research and documentaries that shed light on the achievements of Sahrawi women in the midst of the liberation battle and their hopes to embody the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination, independence, and the completion of sovereignty over the entire national territory.

This initiative aims at expanding and strengthening solidarity and, above all, to call on Brazilian public opinion, human rights, and social actors, as well as academics and parliamentarians, to demand the Brazilian government recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, a founding member of the Organization of African Unity and the African Union.

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