FISAHARA festival introduces catalog of 230 films on struggle of Sahrawi people

Algiers, 28 January 2023 (SPS) - The International Film Festival of Western Sahara, FISAHARA, has put online a rich catalog bringing together a large number of films on the struggle of the Sahrawi people, produced and directed by Saharawi filmmakers, the festival announced on its website.

This list includes 230 film productions over several decades, the struggle of the Sahrawi people against the Moroccan occupier, in a catalog developed by the non-governmental organization "Nomads" which participates in the organization of the festival FISAHARA by supporting cultural projects and related to the media and human rights, undertaken by the Sahrawis in refugee camps, occupied territories and the diaspora.

This catalog represents an important audiovisual support of memory that testifies to the main events since the end of the period of Spanish colonization of Western Sahara, then the Moroccan colonization.

These materials also document the tragedy of the displacement of the Sahrawi people, the horrors of war, exile, and especially the ongoing struggle and sacrifice of the Sahrawi people to liberate their land and regain their stolen sovereignty.

Available in English and Spanish, this catalogue offers many research tools and aims to become a "showcase" for films dealing, in one way or another, with the "Moroccan colonization of Western Sahara", and a reliable source of information for researchers and journalists, and a reference for the various cinematographic events of the world that offer a platform for the Sahrawi cause.

The International Film Festival of Western Sahara, FISAHARA, is considered a "window on Sahrawi culture", which has become an important weapon in the struggle for independence, while the choice of holding the festival in the Sahrawi refugee camps is intended as a forum for "defense of human rights and rights of the Sahrawis.

An annual destination for dozens of directors, filmmakers and human rights activists from around the world, FISAHARA is also a tool to denounce "the oppression suffered by the Sahrawi people" and a platform to "call for an end to Moroccan colonization as stipulated by international laws.