Algeria: Political parties and associations renew their solidarity with the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination

Algiers, 08 December 2022 (SPS) - A group of political parties and various spectrums of Algerian civil society organized solidarity stand at the headquarters of the Sahrawi embassy in Algeria, through which they affirmed their full support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and independence.

The event is coincides with the anniversary of United Nations Resolution 1514 of December 14, 1960, regarding the Declaration of Granting Independence to Colonial Peoples and Countries, during which the participants recalled that the developments taking place in Western Sahara, especially after the Moroccan occupation forces breached the cease-fire on November 13, 2020, and the return of the armed struggle, have made it necessary to continue standing with the Sahrawi people and double the efforts to support their just cause, which is enshrined in international laws and regulations as a decolonization issue, to enable the Saharawi people their right to self-determination and independence.

The participants held, in a statement, the international community responsible and all those lovers of security and peace in the world, in imposing international legitimacy and expediting the organization of a free and fair referendum that would allow the Sahrawi people to express their will for freedom and independence.


For his part, the member of the National Secretariat, Ambassador to Algeria, Mr. Abdelkader Taleb Omar, appreciated this initiative, considering it as a message of loyalty and sincerity that Algeria, people and government, has been expressing towards the Sahrawi people. He also considered it a message that adheres to defending the legitimate rights of the Sahrawi people and expresses a conclusive evidence of the strength of cohesion and solidarity between the Sahrawi and Algerian peoples.

The ambassador referred to the difficult conditions that the Makhzen regime is going through today as a result of its expansionist policy, which made it isolated in the region, adding that the policy of normalization and barter that it adopted with the Israeli entity, and turning its back on Islamic sanctities, brought it many problems at home and abroad that make it difficult for the Moroccan occupation to bear it.

The ambassador reviewed the ongoing preparations for holding the 16th conference of the Polisario Front, which he considered one of the important stations in the struggle of the Sahrawi people, which bears the slogan of escalating the fighting to expel the occupation and complete sovereignty.