Ministry of Public Health organizes 19th edition of Health Coordination and Consultation Table

Shaheed Al Hafed, 20 November 2022 (SPS)  -  The Ministry of Public Health organized on Sunday the 19th edition of the Consultation and Coordination Table in the health field, in the presence of Prime Minister Bushraya Hammoudi Bayoun, Responsible of the Secretariat of Political Organization of the Polisario Front, Khatri Addouh, Minister of Public Health, Khira Bullahi, in addition to representatives of international organizations as well as non-governmental organizations, representatives of national institutions, mass organizations and executives of the Ministry of Public Health.

This year's edition is organized after three years of suspension due to the consequences of COVID-19 and its various effects on the health sector, especially in areas such as medicines and medical equipment, evacuation, suspension of medical missions and other topics that were among the most prominent discussions of the Table.

The first day of the table was devoted to official speeches: Minister of Public Health, Prime Minister, Responsible of the Secretariat of the Political Organization of the Polisario Front, International Agency for Spanish Cooperation, High Commissioner for Refugees, World Doctors of Spain, and Anarasd.

It also included presentations by the National Committee for the Prevention of the Coronavirus, the Cuban Mission, the Gender Advisory Committee, the Central Directorate of Drugs and Medical Equipment, the Central Directorate of Prevention, and the Central Directorate of Medicines and Medical Equipment.

The evening witnessed the organization of workshops for the participants on many topics raised during the current edition of the Table.