Speaker of Algerian People's National Assembly urges "honorable" Spanish MPs to support Sahrawi cause

Algiers, 21 March 2022 (SPS) -The Speaker of the People's National Assembly (Lower House), Brahim Boughali called Monday the "honorable" MPs in Spain to reject the change of the official position of their country about the Sahrawi cause, in support of a just cause, and in solidarity with a colonized people.

"From this rostrum, I invite our honorable counterparts among the MPs of the Kingdom of Spain to reject these unacceptable concessions and this change of position that will not serve the interests of Spain, in support of a just cause and a legitimate right, and in solidarity with a people who have suffered for decades from an occupation without legal basis, rejected by all international bodies," said Boughali in his speech at the opening of a plenary session of the Lower House on the bill on judicial division.

The same official expressed surprise at the reversal of Spain's position on the issue of Western Sahara, listed at the United Nations (UN) as a decolonization issue, "ignoring the international charters and international law that enshrines the right of peoples to self-determination and territorial sovereignty.”

"The violation of the inalienable rights of the Sahrawi people to serve immediate interests by giving in unjustifiably to vile blackmail, not only compromises the ongoing efforts to allow the Sahrawi people to exercise their legitimate rights but risks plunging the entire region into a spiral of tension," he said.