Prime Minister chairs a cabinet meeting

Chahid Al-Hafed, January 31, 2022 (SPS) - the Prime Minister, member of the National Secretariat, Mr. Bushraya Hamoudi Bayon, chaired today a government meeting, devoted to examining the content of the reports submitted by the National Council committees on the government's program for the year 2022, reviewing the questions submitted by the deputies and to reviewing the formulas to enrich the program with the notes and modifications that the committees and deputies requested to add.

In this context, the Council of Government urged the need to intensify the program of each ministry in line with the requirements of the efforts and support required by the national liberation war, mobilizing the national effort, strengthening the elements of steadfastness, supporting the food basket of the citizen and ensuring the public services that the Sahrawi state is committed to.

In its meeting, the government stressed the importance of expediting the implementation of the program after its approval and taking practical steps by focusing on the priorities set for this year.