CONASADH and MPDL organise a Thematic Forum on “the role of Protection in the promotion of human rights”

Chahid El Hafed (Saharawi Republic) 30 November 2021 (SPS)- Saharawi Commission for Human Rights (CONASADH) and the Mouvement for Peace (MPDL) organized a thematic forum on “The Role of Protection in the Promotion of Human Rights”, Tuesday morning at the headquarters of CONASADH, within the framework of a joint program with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The inaugural session of the forum was supervised by the Minister of Social Affairs and the Promotion of Women, Mrs. Sueilma Beiruk, who delivered the opening speech of the forum, in the presence of the President of the Saharawi Constitutional Council, Mr. Mohamed Bouzid, and the President of CONASADH, Mr. Abba El-Haissan, in addition to representatives from the UNHCR, MPDL, civil society organizations, and around 60 Sahrawi participants.

In her opening speech, the Minister stressed the “importance of this type of workshops in educating and providing Saharawi people with legal knowledge related to the fields of human and peoples’ rights, and in advocating for the right of our people in international forums, but also to contribute to the promotion of human rights in the Saharawi state, which took the initiative from the start to form its human capital, and to enshrine this right tendency through its constitution and national laws.

Mrs. Beiruk also recalled that “the Saharawi state managed to join several international conventions and treaties related to human rights, especially at the level of the African Union, with the aim of building strong institutions and preparing for the future,” expressing her satisfaction with the fact that “all the lectures in this forum are provided by Saharawis who gained knowledge and experience thanks to the opportunities provided to them by the Saharawi state.

On his part, the President of CONASADH, Mr. Abba El-Haissan, indicated that the Theme of this forum “gains its importance from the depth of the topics under discussion on the role of the Protection in promoting human rights, especially since it coincides with the launching by the UN Secretary-General, of an international campaign for two weeks on combating and preventing violence against women.

In this context, Abba El-Haissan regretted that the United Nations, including the UN Secretary-General himself, ignores the reality and suffering of Saharawi women in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, who are not only subjected to violence, but also to all forms of torture, rape, and systematic repression by the Moroccan authorities of occupation”.

The participants to the Forum, which will take place during three days from 30 November to the 2nd December, will attend three lectures, presented by Mrs. Ummatha Mohamed Bouzid, member of CONASADH, Mrs. Warda Hamoudi Ahmed Baba, representing the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Mrs. Mbarka Alina Moulay Brahim, Director of the Saharawi Gender School, in addition to Interventions on the strategy related to Protection that will be provided by the President of CONASADH, Abba El-Haissan, and the Representative of the Movement for Peace, Mr. Salama Lahbib.

The works of the forum will afterwards continue Tomorrow and the day after in thematic workshops that will result in general recommendations and outcomes. (SPS)


090/500/60 (SPS)