Western Sahara: Washington insists on UN-led political process

Washington, 03 August 2021 (SPS) -  A spokesperson for the US State Department said Monday that Washington supports a "credible" political process in Western Sahara that will be led by the United Nations with a view to achieving stability in the region.

Responding to a question from the American channel "Al Hurra" on Monday on the policy of the United States towards Western Sahara, the spokesman indicated that "Washington supports a political process enjoying credibility and which will be led by the United Nations, with a view to achieving stability and ensuring the cessation of all hostilities ".

He added: "We are consulting with the parties on the best ways to stop the violence and achieve a lasting settlement."

"We strongly support the efforts of the United Nations for the rapid designation of a personal envoy of the Secretary General to Western Sahara. We are ready to participate actively with all parties to support this envoy," he said.

The statement by the State Department spokesperson supports that of Joey Hood, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, during his visit to the region last week.

"Our clear position is: We want to see an UN-led process which results in an acceptable agreement to all parties and which leads to peace and stability, this is the best for the region and it is (the approach) to which we are going to devote our time, our energy and our efforts, ”said Joey Hood in an interview with APS at the end of his visit to Algeria.SPS