Pegasus affair: Europe, France "reap fruits of zealous support to Morocco"

Brussels, 26 July 2021 (SPS) - European countries and France in particular, victim of spying by Moroccan services, are reaping the fruits of their "zealous support" to Rabat's policy that violates international law in Western Sahara and destabilizes the region, said Monday the Polisario Front representative in Europe and the European Union (EU), Oubi Bashir Boushraya.

"The attitude of some countries and institutions, particularly France, Spain and the European Union, which insist on supporting the policy of Morocco to violate international law in Western Sahara, threatens its neighbors and destabilizes the region of the Maghreb and the Mediterranean," warned the diplomat.

In addition, the Sahrawi official, whose phone had been infiltrated by the Pegasus spyware on March 15, 2021, introduced by the Moroccan secret service, denounced the repressive and violent nature of the Moroccan system, saying that this act is related to his position as head of Sahrawi diplomacy for Europe and the European Union. (SPS)