Mandela’s birth anniversary: Continuing struggle until liberation of Sahrawi people

Algiers, 17 July 2021 (SPS) - The participants in the Forum of Memory insisted Saturday, at the National Mujaheed Museum (Algiers), on the necessity of continuing the struggle until the liberation of the Sahrawi people from the Moroccan occupation, stressing the interest attached by the leader of the anti-apartheid struggle Nelson Mandela to the Sahrawi cause.

During an event organized by the association Machaal Echahid, in coordination with the Collective of the Algeria journalists in solidarity with the Sahrawi people (CJASPS), on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the leader of the anti-apartheid struggle and former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, under the theme “Mandela, From the liberation war to the support of liberation movements … case of Western Sahara,” the representative of minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, the ambassador Salah Boucha underlined the qualities and support of South-African leader to the liberation movements, underlining the celebration of the International Day Nelson Mandela “is the opportunity to underlined the feats of the leaders of our continent.”

The ambassador Boucha underlined the similarity between the struggle of Algeria for 130 years against the despicable colonialism and the struggle of South Africa against injustice and apartheid.

“Despite the geographical remoteness, the two countries have always had close relations,” he said, affirming that “Mandela is the symbol of the struggle of the South African people.”

Stressing “the necessity of promoting the national Memory and to transmit it to the coming generations, in order to take up the different exterior challenges,” the same official underlined “the role of the elite, politicians, journalists and diplomats, in order to know the memory of the national liberation war, the history of Mandela and the struggle of the Sahrawi people who are living in very difficult conditions under the occupation.”

“There is no doubt that the fairness of the Sahrawi people’s cause will prevail and that this people will accede to sovereignty and right to self-determination,” concluded the ambassador. (SPS)